Hi, I’m Kevin

I am the manager and owner of Modular Media, and I’d love to discuss marketing and promoting your school. It’s what we do best!

With over twenty years of experience in Education and marketing, I understand the hectic reality of running a school and the many roles piled upon principals and school leaders first-hand.

I want to hear your marketing questions and goals to understand what has brought you to this point and why.

I can then offer a brief outline of possible strategies, services, timeframes, budgets, and realistic outcomes you might expect from working with us.

This conversation won’t cost you a cent; you decide what happens next.

Whether you are after a specific piece of the school marketing puzzle or want us to solve it completely, we have you covered, and our body of work and customer testimonials speak to this.

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Kevin Cummins

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About Us

Modular Media is a Ballarat-based digital marketing and promotion team that serves the Education Sector across Victoria.

Working in partnership, we can strategically analyze your current reality and create a visual narrative in various formats, sharing your school’s story, vision, and purpose with a targeted audience.

Clearly outlining your school’s features and benefits and leaving you with a call to action.

We are experts at.

  • Creating highly engaging promotional videos for schools.
  • Website creation that demonstrates purpose and professionalism to your audience.
  • Strategic Marketing solutions that bring new families into your school community,
  • Stunning Photography that engages an audience.
  • Cinematic Drone Footage of your school (Still & Video)
  • Powerful digital and print content for social media and in-person that catches attention and calls people to action.
  • Focused marketing strategies for your school, including your specific area and surrounding schools.

As experts in education with over two decades of experience working with students, parents, staff and school leadership, we offer so much more to school principals than our competitors.

Yes, we can take stunning videos and photos and create beautiful websites. Still, we will ensure that you and your school will connect with existing and prospective parents and the broader community by working in partnership to listen to your vision a