This is what we do

We have worked with dozens of schools to tell their stories within their local community. We have created content for schools of all sizes. Look at some of our work to see how we help schools tell their stories.

Primary School promotion
St. James Catholic Primary School, Sebastopol

The goal of this project was to showcase the school’s strong commitment to play-based learning and showcase the amazing learning spaces they have created to enable this.

secondary school promotion
St. Brigid’s College, Horsham

In this project, we aimed to showcase some new features and learning spaces at St. Brigid’s, such as their new STEM wing, alongside a change in leadership and direction.

St. John’s Dennington

This video is broken into three chapters to explain different elements of the schools’ culture, approach to learning and community. It is a valuable tool for promotion and induction.


We can help identify your purpose and audience to ensure your message gets through.

Before working on a project, we always take the time and effort to learn about your school community and specific wants and needs.

Identifying your audience and purpose before launching a marketing campaign is paramount for strategic success. Understanding your target demographic allows for tailored messaging that resonates with their needs, preferences, and behaviours. This precision maximizes your campaign’s relevance, fostering a stronger connection and higher engagement.

Special Events
St. Patrick’s College 130th Anniversary Showcase

This video is part of an archival project for St. Patrick’s College to capture the spirit and history of their 130 years of education.

Secondary school promotion
Mercy Regional College, Camperdown

Mercy was keen to demonstrate the benefits of their multi-age, multi-campus environment to local families in the southwest region who were sending their children to larger regional hubs.

Steve Moneghetti Interview

This interview was part of a collection of 18 in-depth discussions from prominent figures from St. Patrick’s College to celebrate the College’s 130th Anniversary.

What’s your call to action?

A call to action (CTA) is a crucial element in promotional videos, serving as the guiding force that transforms passive viewers into active participants. It compels the audience to take a specific step, whether it’s viewing your school website, signing up for a newsletter, or coming in for a tour of the school. A well-crafted CTA not only capitalizes on the immediate impact of the video but also creates a measurable and trackable response, enabling you to gauge the effectiveness of your campaign. It instils a sense of urgency and decisiveness, propelling potential customers towards the desired conversion and enhancing the overall impact and success of the promotional video.

Lumen Christi Primary, Delacombe

This school does not have a strong visible presence within its community, and as such, we tried to emphasise the fantastic opportunities it provides students and families. It was popular and well-received on social media.

VET / VCAL Informational Explainer Video

Mercy wanted to create an efficient and effective video outlining what VET opportunities were offered at the College. This proved highly useful to students and parents in using visuals to demonstrate what occurred in these subjects.

St. Colman’s Primary, Mortlake

We have plenty of experience in showcasing small schools in regional areas that emphasise that even though these schools are small in size they offer big opportunities to learn, and be active members of rural communities.


We are highly regarded for our work in schools.

I have worked with Kevin on a number of occasions over the years. I have always found Kevin both highly professional to deal with and a clear communicator. Kevin always kept me fully informed about the job, and he was easy to work with onsite.
I was very pleased with the end product.
I highly recommend his services.
John o’sullivan
Principal – Edenhope
St James’ Parish school worked with Kevin to produce our marketing videos. He was incredibly professional, understood our context deeply and went about his filming without interrupting the staff and students.

The final result was a remarkable video that showcased the schools culture and pedagogy beautifully. We highly recommend Kevin for creating videos and websites for schools and corporations.
Garth Kydd
Principal – Sebastopol
Working with Kev to produce a promotional video for our school was a great experience. He was professional, easy to work with and made sure that he captured the best of our school for the video.
Kev visited us on a number of occassions to film a number of different events that I wanted included. Her made the process easy, was calm and put everyone at ease when filming. His knowledge of schools was a great benefit, as was his skill in putting together a video. Kev listened to what I wanted, gave clear direction and also gave great advice about what would work best.
I was really pleased with the finished product. I would definetly recommend Kev to other Principals to do their video.
Principal – Dunnstown