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We offer schools a complete range of marketing services to ensure you stand out from the crowd with a strong brand, a clear understanding of community perceptions and the capacity to tell your story through video, online platforms, face-to-face events and more.

Some of our clients only require a specific service, such as a promotional video, website or brochures, as they already have a sound marketing strategy they are implementing effectively. But in most cases, we work with schools that are big on wishes, assumptions and ideas and need assistance in creating and implementing a marketing strategy.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, French writer

Don’t worry! You are obviously a proven leader in education, doing your best to run a school with 101 other daily demands. Marketing just seems like a tangled maze of confusion, expense and effort.

We provide you with a wealth of data, guidance and services to ensure your staff and school community are fully aligned on the following aspects of marketing and public relations.

Branding & Identity

Purpose: To create a distinct and memorable brand identity that reflects the school’s values, mission, and unique characteristics.
Benefits: A strong brand identity helps differentiate your school from competitors, builds trust with parents and students, and fosters a sense of pride and community. It includes the development of logos, taglines, colour schemes, and visual elements that consistently convey the school’s ethos.

Market Research & Analysis

Purpose: To conduct research to understand market trends, parent and student preferences, and competitive positioning.
Benefits: In-depth market research provides valuable insights that help the school make informed decisions, tailor programs to meet community needs, and stay competitive. It includes surveys, focus groups, and data analysis to guide strategic planning and marketing efforts.

Enrolment Marketing

Purpose: To develop strategies to attract and retain students, including targeted advertising campaigns and outreach programs.
Benefits: Effective enrollment marketing helps the school reach prospective students, increase applications, and improve retention rates. It includes market research, digital advertising, open houses, and personalized communication with prospective families.

School Website Design

Purpose: To develop and maintain an engaging, user-friendly website that serves as the primary information hub for the school.
Benefits: A well-designed website enhances the school’s online presence, provides easily accessible information for parents, students, and staff, and improves communication. It ensures the website is mobile-friendly, secure, and regularly updated with relevant content.

Social Media Management

Purpose: To manage social media accounts, create engaging content, and interact with the school community to strengthen online presence.
Benefits: Effective social media management increases visibility, fosters community engagement, and enhances communication with current and prospective students and parents. It includes content creation, posting schedules, and responding to comments and messages.

Media Relations

Purpose: To build relationships with local and national media to secure positive coverage and manage press releases and inquiries.
Benefits: Strong media relations enhance the school’s public image, increase visibility, and help control the narrative around school events and achievements. This includes drafting press releases, pitching stories to media outlets, and organizing press conferences.

Content Creation

Purpose: To produce high-quality content such as newsletters, brochures, videos, and blog posts communicating with the school community.
Benefits: Compelling content keeps parents, students, and staff informed and engaged. It highlights the school’s achievements, programs, and events, enhancing its image and connecting the community.

Event Promotion

Purpose: To plan and promote school events like open houses, fundraisers, and performances to maximize attendance and engagement.
Benefits: Effective event promotion increases participation, boosts community engagement, and showcases the school’s vibrant culture. It includes creating promotional materials, using social media, and contacting local media and influencers.

Community Engagement

Purpose: To create programs and initiatives that engage with the local community and build strong stakeholder relationships.
Benefits: Community engagement strengthens ties with local organizations, businesses, and residents, fostering a supportive environment for the school. It includes volunteer programs, partnerships, and community events that highlight the school’s commitment to the local area.

Alumni Relations

Purpose: To manage communications and events for alumni to foster ongoing engagement and support.
Benefits: Strong alumni relations enhance the school’s network, encourage donations, and create opportunities for mentorship and involvement. It includes organizing reunions, sending newsletters, and creating an alumni portal for networking and updates.

By offering these comprehensive services, we help schools enhance communication, build a strong community presence, and achieve enrollment and retention goals.

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