We specialise in creating highly engaging school promotional videos that connect audiences. Whether you are a small school looking to boost enrollment numbers, a new principal looking to change the perception of your school or a larger school with new buildings, programs and facilities that need promoting, we have got you covered.

St. Patrick’s College 130th Anniversary Showcase Video – Mini Documentary


Let us create your video from $3,995 + GST

Book a meeting today and get your school promotional video in 2024. * Price may vary depending on location.

We have all areas of education covered

Primary School Promotion Videos

Primary schools cover a child’s formative years and are environments for exploration and learning foundational social and academic skills that will set them up for life.

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We can showcase your

  • Models of learning and pedagogical style.
  • Culture and School Community
  • Wellbeing and specialist programs

Secondary Schools

Secondary schools are a space for students to flourish into young adults. An environment that offers multiple opportunities for students to evolve and refine their skills and talents across multiple areas.

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We can showcase your

  • Academic Pathways and Unique Programs
  • Sporting, Arts and extracurricular activities.
  • School Culture and Heritage

Showcase a significant feature or event.

Is your school celebrating a significant milestone or recently opened a completely new section of the school that needs to be promoted? If so, we can showcase it and share it with the world.

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Some examples of these are

  • Showcasing a new building or learning precinct.
  • Celebrating a milestone or documenting history.
  • Boosting the profile of an aspect of your school.

Lumen Christi Catholic Primary School Delacombe Promotional Video

Our Video Production Process

Creating a great promotional video and marketing strategy for your school can seem daunting to a busy principal with numerous other roles and responsibilities. Thankfully, we have made the video production process seamless. Ensuring we understand your purpose and audience first.

1: No-Obligation Introductory Meeting (15 minutes)

Depending on your location, this is either done face-to-face or via Zoom and in this meeting, we will.

  • Find out more about you, your school and your goals.
  • Enquire what strategies and tools you currently use to promote your school.
  • Identify other schools in your region for us to analyse and provide feedback on.
  • Provide a written quote and firm completion date if you choose to proceed.

2: Brief Pre Filming Meeting (In the weeks before shooting)

Now that you have decided to proceed, we will then…

  • Provide you with tools and resources to create a high-quality narrative script about your school.
  • Seek advice about your local region, including demographics and social and cultural considerations.
  • Provide unbiased marketing feedback and analysis of your neighbouring schools, including NAPLAN data compared to yours.
  • Identify the FEATURES and BENEFITS of your school and determine how to tell these most effectively through pictures and words.
  • Clearly explain what we need from you (as the principal) and how we will film your staff and students with minimal interruptions to teaching and learning.

*Please note we will require a 25% deposit before your first filming day.

3: Filming (Usually spread over two consecutive days.)

We are on-site for two days in most cases, and during this time, we will introduce ourselves to staff and students to ensure everyone is comfortable and aware of what is happening.

One of these days will not require any input from you or your staff as we will move about the school filming without interrupting your students and teachers. We want to catch your school in action in its natural state. This will include in-class filming, shots of your playgrounds and buildings and drone shots of your school.

On the other day, we will need you exclusively for around 2 hours to professionally record your audio narration, introduction and call to action, plus any other footage of parents, staff or students we might require. Once this is done, you can go about your day.

We may sometimes need to run a mock class or event, such as an assembly, art or music session if required.

4: The Editing Phase

We aim to finalise your video within one week of filming, which will require about two days of editing.

During the editing phase, you will be given three revision windows to make any alterations and ensure your video meets your requirements.

5: Publishing your Video

We will provide you with a studio-quality cut of your video to use on social media, your website or anywhere else. You have full ownership and control of the video from this point onward.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does a video usually cost?

While you will be provided with a firm written quote after our no-obligation consult, our promotional school videos will run between three and five minutes and cost $3,995 + GST, each additional minute costing approximately $1,000 + GST.
*Please note that we are based in Ballarat, Victoria, and any travel beyond 100 km or 1.5 hours may incur extra expense.

How long will it take to finish?

The most you will wait is two weeks from the final day of shooting, so long as you actively contribute feedback and revisions.

What about students who do not have permission to be publicly shared?

Pointing these students out early in filming is always best to avoid confusion. You can request that student footage be removed if required during the editing and revision process, and we NEVER publish anything publicly. That responsibility is always left to the school itself.

*From our experience, most parents are happy to have their child, who may already be excluded from social media, appear in a promotional video as long as they are contacted about it.

How long should my script be?

The analytics from our existing videos suggest that promotional videos between 3 and 5 minutes are most effective and retain viewers throughout. This means a good narrated script no longer than 3 minutes is usually ideal as we will add extra drone, footage and B-roll of about one minute around your main script and spoken parts.

After creating dozens of these videos, our analytics suggest that an approximately four-minute video will achieve the best results.

Do you provide photography and websites?

Yes, we offer school websites and photography; please give us a call to discuss these further.